Other Offerings

This Little Light of Mine… A Look at Caregiver Burnout (1.0 contact hour)
  • Define “burnout”
  • List three signs of burnout
  • Identify his/her risk for burnout
  • Discuss three responses to burnout
  • Name two strategies for preventing or reversing burnout
Avoiding Caregiver Burnout During the Holidays… This Little Light of Mine
(1.0 contact hour)
  • Define “burnout”
  • Identify “who is a caregiver?”
  • Identify & describe personality type prone to burnout
  • List 4 common holiday stressors
  • List 4 ideas for de-stressing the holidays and adopt one idea to implement this year.
  • Identify 1 or 2 holiday jobs that are important to continue and 1 or 2 holiday jobs to let go.
The Bucket List…Living Life Intentionally (1.0 contact hour)
  • Create his or her own bucket list.
  • Explain how “the bucket list” got its name
  • Discuss the difference between intentional living and simply existing
  • Introduce the Dimensions of Wellness Wheel
  • Discuss the palliative care principal of “affirming life”
  • Give a “dictionary” definition of alive and dead
 Volunteer Appreciation: The Gift of Presence (non-CEU motivational presentation)

ELNEC TRAINING (End-of-Life Nursing Consortium) An eight module workshop sponsored by City of Hope, ANCC and HPNA. CALL for more information!


 REAL COLORS® personality training grounded in Carl Jung’s personality theory and validated through the research of Myers-Briggs and Keirsey-Bates. Book this 2-4 hour interactive workshop. Improve communication with co-workers, patients and others as you learn about your own color personality and how to recognize other people’s colors.  Perfect for staff retreats and team building!