Being Mortal Project

Being Mortal Project

Being Mortal jpg.Huntsville, AL recently joined in a national dialog that asks, “Have you and your family had the tough conversations and planned ahead?”

The PBS program “Being Mortal” was shown at First Baptist Church Huntsville on Thursday, September 15, 2016. The documentary shares stories of terminally ill patients and their families as they confront their hopes and fears. It also looks at the relationships between the these patients and the doctors who are caring for them them during the dying process.

After watching the film, audience members dialogued with community experts in end-of-life care and advance care planning. A questionnaire was given to each participant as a part of the project. The questionnaire encouraged the participants to take specific action steps in making their end-of-life care wishes known to their families and to their doctors.

One question on the questionnaire read, “What one word describes how you feel after watching and talking about Being Mortal? _______”

Audience responses in Huntsville included: HOPEFUL, POSITIVE, POWERFUL, COMFORTABLE, SAD BUT TRUTHFUL and PLAN.

Have you made YOUR WISHES know yet?

Being Mortal Project
Being Mortal Professional Panelists from L to R : LaTanya Rhines, elder lawyer with TARCOG; Marsha Farrell, moderator; Carisa Proctor, RN transitions nurse with Hospice of North Alabama; Harold King, marketer with Good Samaritan Hospice and Dr. Monica Murphy-Williams, author of “It’s Okay to Die” and ER physician with Huntsville Hospital


The Being Mortal project is supported by the John & Wauna Harman Foundation and Hospice Foundation of America. Community Screening Host was Marsha Farrell Care Consulting, LLC along with community sponsor, TARCOG. Thanks to First Baptist Huntsville for providing a wonderful venue for this event. Thanks also to Hospice Family Care, Hospice of North Alabama and Good Samaritan Hospice for providing copies of Alabama’s ADVANCE DIRECTIVE FOR HEALTH CARE and snacks.