“Do-Re-Mi” Pain Management at End-of-Life: Starting at the Beginning

January 19, 2016             

 Place: Clearview Cancer Institute, Huntsville, AL

Times: 11am / 12 noon/ 1pm

music-notes-clip-art-free-4-10-from-63-votes-music-notes-clip-art-free-rh79vw-clipartAs hospice providers, we all strive to provide the best pain and symptom management possible for our patients. Pain management can be complicated at the end-of-life. This presentation will lay the foundation for pain management choices by “starting at the beginning” with an assessment of pain(s) and classification of the pain(s). Only after the assessment and classification of pain can the hospice team plan a multi-modal strategy to manage the patient’s pain.  The “Do-Re-Mi” pain assessment model helps hospice teams provide patient-centered, appropriate pain management for maximum patient comfort.