“End-of-Life Parables” Coming to YouTube Soon!

I’m excited to announce that Marsha Farrell Care Consulting has a new YouTube Channel entitled “End-of-Life Parables.”

This channel is devoted to sharing end-of-life (EOL) concepts with laymen and medical professionals alike. Existential concepts like death and dying are often hard to understand and even harder to explain. As a hospice nurse educator and speaker, I’ve found that object lessons are helpful in representing the hard concepts in hospice and palliative care. This series of videos is called End-of-Life Parables. I pray that they may be helpful both to patients and families facing death and to health care professionals caring for them.

The first three videos were filmed last month and will soon be released:

Parable #1: The Glove

Parable #2 Fuel For My Car

Parable #3 Baby Food

Stay tuned. Will love to have your feedback.

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